The ultimate true adventure challenge is back!

Entries for Honda Quest 2021 are currently open.

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Honda Quest: True Adventure with the new 2021 Africa Twin!

The wait is finally over. Call to entries for the much-anticipated Honda Quest 2021 will officially open on Wednesday September 22, 2021.

South Africa boasts some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. The 2021 Honda Quest True Adventure proudly hosted by Honda Motor Southern Africa will give contestants the opportunity to explore some of these breath-taking sites as they navigate through the challenging terrain in the Northern Cape’s Richtersveld, Namakwa Eco Trail, Tankwa Karoo and Cederberg whilst competing for the title of Honda Quest True Adventure 2021 on the ultimate adventure motorcycle, the Honda CRF1100 Africa Twin.

Do you have what it takes?

The main aim of Quest will be to test human endurance and adaptability, combined with the continent-crossing abilities of the Honda Africa Twin CRF1100.

We are looking for true adventure riders who can adapt to the journey with good humour and grace. Are you a resourceful and dependable team member when adventure turns challenging? Do you have a love for the places further off the beaten track? Are you willing to try your hand at all the challenges a desert will offer up – sand and river beds, rocky trails, muddy gravel and nights under the stars? Then Honda Quest True Adventure is for you.

Honda Quest is not a race, nor is it a rally. Honda Quest is simply a chance to be able to compete together with a teammate in the most beautiful of spaces, living for a brief condensed moment, the epitome of adventure aboard one of the finest adventure motorcycles on the planet the Honda Africa Twin CRF1100.

The Prize

The winning team will not only be crowed champions of Honda Quest True Adventure 2021, but they will also get to keep the bikes they competed the 2500km adventure ride on.

The safety of our guests is paramount and Honda Motor Southern Africa and Specialised Adventures will take all the necessary precautions at all Quest events to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We do request that semi-finalists and finalists adhere to all safety rules and regulations as outlined by the South African Government, Disaster Management Act.

In an effort to curb the spread of Covid-19 we humbly request that participants (if selected to attend the bootcamp and final event) who experience symptoms associated with Covid-19 namely fever, cough, sore throat, redness of eyes or shortness of breath (or difficulty in breathing); body aches, loss of smell or loss of taste, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue, weakness or tiredness refrain from attending the bootcamp and final event.

Entries for Quest 2021 are currently open. Below is a breakdown of the application and selection process.

31 July - 7 August

Pre-qualifying events have been held across the country to allow riders to introduce themselves and showcase their riding skills.

See the events on Facebook for more information:

22 - 26 September

Entries open for Quest 2021. The application form is available here:

28 September

The 30 semi-finalists are announced.

12 - 14 October

From the entries received, 30 semi-finalists are chosen to attend a 3-day Boot Camp at Kaleo Guest Farm in the Western Cape. You will be subjected to a range of tests - from riding to general knowledge and everything related to adventure motorcycling. The finalists, who will be participating in the main Quest event, will be chosen from this group.

18 October

The 14 finalists are announced.

1 - 10 November

14 people compete in a 10-day event and stand the chance to win the Honda Africa Twin that they compete on. The start and end point is at Kaleo Guest Farm in the Western Cape, with the rest of the route being revealed to contestants on a daily basis.

The Quest route will take contestants through the best parts of the Richtersveld, Namaqua, Hantam, Tankwa and Cederberg regions.

All The Action From Quest 2020

Day 9 Honda Quest 2020

The final day.

The route would be the shortest of Quest, as it wound its way along fine gravel roads showcasing the spectacular views of the valleys and mountains of the Cederberg.

Day 8 Honda Quest 2020

Sting in the tail!

Today we started straight into the Postal Route from the Tankwa side. A challenging route especially for big bikes, it has everything on offer – thick sand, steep rocky climbs, loose rocks, river crossings and magnificent vistas.

Day 7 Honda Quest 2020

The pace and intensity of Quest takes its toll on both Competitors and Support Crew. The static day on day 7 is both a tradition and a very much needed break in the relentless pace of the competition and the space to take a deep breath before the final push.

Day 6 Honda Quest 2020

We needed to join up the Richtersveld that we’d just come from, with Tankwa Karoo and Cederberg. Between these two areas was nearly 450km of all manner of gravel roads; from the wide smooth fast “magic carpets”, to the small shale badly maintained corrugation invested jeep tracks.

Day 5 Honda Quest 2020

As opposed to the previous 4 days of high tension and extreme terrain, today was a noticeable change in rhythm that left the contestants reflective about how far they’d come. "it seems so long ago since we left Kaleo!"

Day 4 Honda Quest 2020

The Richtersveld’s finest tracks and roads are now behind us, the best of the iconic Bushmanland, Tankwa Karoo and Cederberge lie ahead. Despite these adventuring delights, the days are starting to take their toll; there are some very tired bodies here in Kamieskroon tonight.

Day 3 Honda Quest 2020

Much had been made of the day in the briefing; as opposed to yesterday where sand was the main dish and rocks the snacks, today it was very much rocks and climbs and more rocks and climbs with just a sprinkling of deep sand river beds for a little added variety.

Day 2 Honda Quest 2020

The contest was designed with a day of settling in and finding their feet so to speak. But, today the easy bits were over and they were to be thrown straight into arguably the toughest day of the competition. It is the 136km of incredibly beautiful but seriously testing Namaqua Eco Trail.

Day 1 Honda Quest 2020

The previous evening had served up much food for thought; The competitors now knew who their team mate was, for better or for worse. Then to add to the tension, the evening was unseasonably cold for camping out under the stars. Not many could boast a fitful night’s sleep.