Coming around the corner for the first time as we arrived and seeing all these beautiful bikes was impressive. I can’t wait to get on one!” #6 – Denzil Lawrie

“Wow! This has been far more than I expected already! I was quite prepared for bike related stuff but have bombed a little on the questions about South Africa and Africa – I should know a lot more of my country than I do! ” #10 – Hannes Ebersohn

“I am so glad I came, I have a lot of stuff on the go at home, but what an opportunity, I am so glad I am here. It’s also quite a thing to see the instructors are all ex- contestants from last year’s Quest. It says a lot about their experience.” #20 – Murray Campbell

“I was gutted I never made it onto last year’s Quest and followed it online like an addict! Just being here, feels like I’m now in the movie!” #25 – Pieter Laubscher

“It’s an interesting mix of competitors. I know we are in a competition, but I can feel the connections already. They’re a great bunch guys and girls. I think you instructors have your work cut out.” #28 – Stephen van der Merwe

Day 1, that started for the competitors on arrival at 11am, it has been a combination of easing into the process, growing expectations and connections. From the admin of registration, rules of the competition, lunch, practical tasks and tests and ending with the theory of the Dual Clutch Transmission (a first time even seeing one for many) and a short intro that each has to give about themselves.

Bootcamp has the dual function of not only finding 14 worthy competitors but also to impart an experience that prepares them for the great adventures they’ll have deal with safely on Honda Quest in less than a month’s time.

Roll on Day 2, it should be a full day.