It isn’t getting any easier. Barend Fouche, Head of the Motorcycle Southern Africa Division, announced that in his opinion, this year’s Honda Quest was a lot more intense and challenging than 2017’s. He should know, he’s been in the vehicles following all the action on both.

Today’s route is one that would typically be used for the Amageza Rally, a Dakar type motorcycle event.

It runs through little used sections of the Western side of the Richtersveld and is arguably even more remote than the previous day.

Before the day’s adventures began, there was an opportunity to reflect and have a quiet moment in a balancing stone garden. Inspired by the old tradition of cairn building, the contestants were invited to leave a rock in memory of something that needed to be left there.

Reflections over, the serious business of navigating the technical sandy riverbeds, long rocky tracks and steep off camber rutted climbs was the order of the day.

Today brought many opportunities to test the sturdy Rumbux bashplates and engine guards. Many contestants, now over the adrenaline fuelled beginnings of the contest, were drawing on deep reserves for themselves and their team mates.

Although technically all the teams are competing with each other, there is a very firm greater team spirit being built as Quest picks up momentum. Helping all to get through is the first priority.

The last 80km followed a fast flowing jeep track, a welcome respite from the pace of the previous two days where the average overall speed was just over 20kph.

Honda Quest is now 3 days in with 7 to go. The strain is showing, there were some tired bodies that fell asleep instantly once they’d finished the day.