The final day of Boot Camp has arrived! Everyone woke up to ice on the seats of their bikes, due to a cold front that hit the Cederberg during the night, causing temperatures to drop significantly.

Giving the contestants a taste of what’s to come during Honda Quest later this month, everyone had to spend the night in their Specialised Adventure tents. But characteristically, the nippy conditions were treated with good humour and a sense of adventure.

Each one of the 30 semi-finalists made a great impression on the instructors as they participated in a deluge of new experiences and interpersonal dynamics. They were tested on a vast array of subjects and competencies, often far outside of their comfort zones. All this because of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “live the adventure”.

The last challenge of the day was a panel interview where each semi-finalist is thoroughly questioned by an imposing semi-circle of Specialised Adventure staff. The process is to gauge if, along with all the info meticulously gathered through the previous 3 days, they will be worthy of a coveted seat on one of only 14 unique Honda Quest Africa Twins.

In 48 hours from when the contestants leave that very stressful interview, every one of them will receive a personal call from Hardy de Kock.

For 14 of them, this call will mean the 2018 Honda Quest True Adventure is theirs to experience!