If one thing has been a constant it’s the wind. Although not nearly as ferocious as in previous nights, we were grateful to be protected somewhat by the camp in the valley called Perdekloof in the Tankwa Karoo National Park.

Setting off, the first climb for the day was Ouberg Pass offering a view far across the Tankwa Karoo. It was an opportunity for reflection and appreciation for some of the spaces we are privileged to in South Africa.

A quick stop in Sutherland for fuel and again to connect with loved ones and maybe to reassure the work colleagues that they haven’t been captured by Adventure forever and will be coming back!

Then, with lunch near Karelskraal Pass a spanner was tossed into the mix; each of the contestants were temporarily re-assigned a new team mate to ride with for the rest of the day. The tricky part was this new partnership was going to have to be forged whilst navigating tight off-the-beaten paths and back roads. It takes quite a bit of trust to ride on ones shoulder at the best of times, even more on tricky routes.

The rest of the route through Goodluck then towards the Karoo proper via Ouberg Pass, led to a world that has a unique energy and in the late afternoon sun felt ancient and powerful.

We would be staying at Boplaas Guest Farm for two nights. Tomorrow would be a rest day, for both competitors and support team. Honda Quest was taking a well-earned breather – time to service bikes, wash the travel out of ourselves and clothes and to reflect and recharge for the final push.