Looking at the photographic highlights of day four of the 2017 Honda Quest. The teams had to concentrate hard to maintain the proper following distances in the scorching 41 – 47⁰ celsius conditions. The dusty 225km ride from Opuwo to Epupa Falls ended with the opportunity to marvel at the sight and sound of the waterfall, an oasis in an otherwise barren and unforgiving terrain.

The Epupa falls are a series of cascades where the Kunene River drops a total of 60m over a distance of about 1.5 km, dividing into a multitude of channels and forming a myriad of rock pools.

With its richly-coloured rock walls, variety of trees including wild fig, baobabs and waving makalani palms, spectacular sunsets and perennially flowing waters, the Epupa area is absolutely breathtaking.