Today Honda Quest managed to do what few others have done: Not only did they conquer the notoriously difficult Van Zyl’s Pass, but they did it as a group of 22 riders on big adventure bikes suffering no damage or injury to anyone.

When the group departed at the Van Zyl’s Pass Community Camp this morning, little did they know exactly how hard it was going to be. After all, they thought that the previous day’s ride from Okangwati to the camp was going to be the hardest of the trip.

It turned out that the organisers had another surprise in stall for the riders as the approach to Van Zyl’s Pass turned out to be just as hard as anything they experienced the previous day.

Then they had to tackle the nerve-wracking descend down the notorious steps at the top of the pass. However, team work and discipline saw to it that all 22 riders and bikes made it through without any problems.

Once they arrived at the bottom of the pass and headed out into the Marienfluss, there was more trails waiting as they once again had to contend with challenging sandy conditions.

Turning south they headed for the famous Rooidrom beacon in the middle of nowhere, before heading for the overnight stop at Marble Camp in the Orupembe Communal Conservancy.

But there was one final surprise in stall: Joubert Pass. The steep, loose rocky climb presented a huge challenge to everyone, but finally everyone made it and headed for the night’s camp.

Tomorrow Honda Quest head for Puros, where they will spend two nights and have a rest day the day after tomorrow, performing vehicle maintenance and also have to opportunity to finally clean some really dirty riding gear!

But the real story lies in the numbers: It took the riders almost nine hours to complete a mere 62 km. Their tired, but happy faces confirmed just what they went through today.

Honda Quest also proved that a big group of riders can conquer almost any terrain if they rely on teamwork, discipline and a truly great adventure motorcycle such as the Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin.

Issued by Jaco Kirsten, Media Manager Specialised Adventures: