There are 30 very excited and maybe a little nervous semi-finalists who’ve made their way from all over South Africa and Namibia to the picturesque Kaleo guest farm in the Western Cape to attend Boot Camp. It’s the 3 day process that each go through to find the lucky 14 finalists.

You can imagine the tension one must feel with all the buildup and after driving along the beautiful gravel roads of the farm to first see the Honda banners and then a sparkling row of the unique liveried Quest Honda Africa Twins. It’s not lost on each person that what’s at stake is if they do their very best, one of those actual bikes could very well be theirs.

So what are they in for and how do they make a finalist berth theirs?

Honda Quest is not looking for the very best riders. It’s not a race or skills challenge. In a way, it would be easier to find people for a race. Quest is looking for Adventure Riders. Average people with an above average love for the outdoors and the world; a passion for exploring and sharing the adventure with others. Someone who is enriching their own lives by interacting with nature and people.

The contestants will obviously have to get past a reasonably high level of bike ability and proficiency that will make them safe to enter the tougher Quest route. But more than that, they are going to have to work with and through others. It is the paradox of Quest that the competition is largely won on the basis of making others the focus. So they are going to have to demonstrate the aptitudes invited by Toshiaki Konaka, the President Honda South Africa in his welcoming speech to them, “Can you be a great addition to a team? Are you resourceful and with good character? Is your attitude and humour enough for when things get tough or don’t go so well? Are you the kind of person I’d be proud to know and love to have on any adventure with me?”.

To this end, there will be much interaction and dynamics creation to get to know each contestant intimately so that in 3 days’ time, 14 of them will be invited to the Honda Quest 2018 adventure of a lifetime.